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Ovindoli Freestyle **Finalist**

Two Italian snowboarders and a skier in the middle of Italian country (Abruzzo), show us how the passion for freestyle and free ride can become the connection between two different disciplines. Crucial for them is[…]

Love Sweet Love **Finalist**

This is the story behind Kansas City’s iconic citizen, “Super Jesus” Michael Wheeler, who is spreading his message of peace and love to the people. The documentary helps shed light on the man behind the[…]

Three Dreams **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Can we still achieve our dreams despite unexpected obstacles? Mickey aspired to be a hang gliding pilot, Chad was enthralled by magic and Tommy longed to be a painter but life doesn’t always go as[…]

Movement Transfer

Bruno is a boy with cerebral palsy who shows his abilities in Adapted Gymnastics, in the project Gymnastics for All, in the Sport and Cultural Club of Enxerim, in Silves, with the guidance of Coach[…]

Road to Nationals

This Little Video shows what someone with the right direction and mindset can do regardless of what happens to us, no matter what hardship we face we can still find passion and love for things[…]

They Call Me Coach

They call her coach! Coach McCrosky is an amazing person who has a mission of coaching high school Track & Field. From an athletes perspective, I can tell you that this coach is one of[…]

Leaping Over Barricades

Parkour, an extreme sport performed on an “urban obstacle course,” has popped up among youth in major cities like Beijing. Zhang Lei, a parkour runner has begun doing this sport since 2006. He can’t help[…]


Ethan is just your average 18-year old school student. He can write, play piano, speak Spanish, swim, skateboard, rock climb and ice-skate. He also happens to be legally blind. Chronicling his amazing achievements despite his[…]

Crossing Borders

A 14-year-old girl who lives in Tijuana, Mexico crosses the border with the United States every single day to train tennis at a sports academy. Her dream is to become a tennis professional and with[…]