Stories Lived


What is Our Mission?

Our Mission is to connect humanity on a global scale and to inspire individuals to greater heights through the power of visual story telling.

What is Stories Lived?

Stories Lived is a platform administered by Illuminating Enterprises, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. hosts inspirational and motivational videos that move and inspire us to be the best version of ourselves we can be.  It is a unique site in which one can see, learn and in turn, draw upon that grace that others show in their lives and hopefully use it in our own to be a blessing to others.

How are we doing Stories Lived?

We are creating Stories Lived by hosting an on-line repository of inspirational videos.  Films are 5 minutes or less and show a positive message from which we can all learn.

Why we are doing Stories Lived?

We all are having experiences, some pleasant and some challenging in this lifetime.  We believe these experiences are necessary for soul growth, and we personally find it fascinating how some people maneuver through these Earth School experiences so gracefully.  Video is such an incredible way to move and motivate people to change their own lives for the better, and that is our intention with Stories Lived.  In turn, we can all help each other have happier, healthier lives and truly create positive change in the world.  It is a group effort, one of the collective consciousness.

There are so many powerful, moving, and inspiring stories out there just waiting to be told.  But the majority of our media focuses on the negative stories.  We feel Stories Lived is a ray of hope helping to balance our collective focus on the good in the world.

Life can be tricky.  The greatest soul lessons often visit us masked in disguise.  But perhaps that is how it should be.  After all, part of the journey is deciphering (and then learning…) the lessons.

Because we all want to move through life gracefully, we are moved, inspired, and motivated by others who persevere.  Our will is also galvanized by witnessing what others intrinsically do to make the world a more beautiful place for us all.

Our media feeds us a constant diet of the worst in life.  Stories Lived was created as a community to celebrate the best.  It is our sincere hope that these stories will go out into the world and be a channel of blessings for us all.