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Love Sweet Love **Finalist**

This is the story behind Kansas City’s iconic citizen, “Super Jesus” Michael Wheeler, who is spreading his message of peace and love to the people. The documentary helps shed light on the man behind the cape.


About the Filmmakers
Submitted by Jeffrey Mundinger, Amy Van Drunen, and Joshua Stolberg

Jeffrey Mundinger, was exposed to the video camera in his youth; he would use resources at hand to make films with his friends in the neighborhood. It was there he developed a passion for creative collaborative storytelling. Jeffrey aspires to unify humanity through experiences of visual enlightenment. As a nontraditional student Jeffrey met Amy Van Drunen and Joshua Stolberg at the University of Missouri – Kansas City. It was then they teamed together to create Love Sweet Love which gained local acclaim throughout the Kansas City area.

Amy Van Drunen, visual storyteller and world traveler, has always felt most at home with a camera in hand. She strives for her work to act as a catalyst for social change, sharing commonalities that connect people across cultures, both on an international scale and close to home.

Joshua Stolberg is an independent filmmaker currently living in Kansas City, Missouri. Ever since he could hold a camera, his goal has been to touch people with the power of story-telling through film. He aspires to produce original work that embraces the essence of life. Armed with a passion for the people, Joshua uses his soul to create handcrafted inspiration.

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  1. I have seen Michael around KC, and I love that this story gave me insight on who he was. He rarely stops running!! 🙂 I am inspired by his passion for life and for the Lord.

  2. Doing something he loves while doing something he loves. Running and spreading joy and the love of Jesus. Very cool short story

  3. Great film. Very life-affirming and a great witness by a man who lives out the Gospel every day in his life.

  4. Amy is a true inspirations to me with what she has been threw and passing it on to anyone and everyone. Like Michael Wheeler

  5. Amazing story, amazing reportage. I am grateful that there is a place like Stories Lived where I can charge so many good vibrations:)