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Crossing Borders

A 14-year-old girl who lives in Tijuana, Mexico crosses the border with the United States every single day to train tennis at a sports academy. Her dream is to become a tennis professional and with not many resources, she takes public transportation and spends and average of 3 hours each way in order to conquer her goal.

Along with her mom, Katherin Busani goes every day to Chula Vista in California to practice tennis with a smile on her face, despite the long journey to get there.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Bettina Hanna

Born and raised in Brazil, Bettina Hanna moved to California in 2009 to study Journalism. He graduated in Communications with emphasys in Radio and Television in her home country and has been working in the television industry for about 18 years.

She was a tv director at MTV Brazil and has also worked for Discovery Home and Health, SBT, TV Bandeirantes and other production companies.

In California she works as a social media manager and is always hunting stories to make documentaries. Her passion is to help people, discover new places and travel.

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