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Three Dreams **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Can we still achieve our dreams despite unexpected obstacles? Mickey aspired to be a hang gliding pilot, Chad was enthralled by magic and Tommy longed to be a painter but life doesn’t always go as planned. Although we all face different challenges, we may be surprised by our similarities.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Daniel Beresh and Jonathan Keijser

Daniel Beresh and Jonathan Keijser are award-winning filmmakers who co-own Wire Walker Studios, a film production company dedicated to creating socially-conscious work. Jonathan is a classical musician who previously owned and operated a nonprofit theatre company for emerging arts professionals. While running the company, he directed two fully-staged Broadway musicals, both of which received acclaim from Montreal critics. Daniel has been making films for fifteen years in both scripted and documentary style, and has pioneered two web series which have received international acclaim. Daniel has also taught filmmaking across Canada and had directed two plays. Both Daniel and Jonathan hold undergraduate degrees from McGill University and Masters in Fine Arts degrees fin film production from the University of Southern California. Wire Walker Studios is currently distributing What Would Beethoven Do? The feature documentary, which follows three classical music renegades and ultimately seeks to answer why we create art, is directed by Jonathan and produced by Daniel.

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