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Leaping Over Barricades

Parkour, an extreme sport performed on an “urban obstacle course,” has popped up among youth in major cities like Beijing. Zhang Lei, a parkour runner has begun doing this sport since 2006. He can’t help running parkour even gets injuries every time through the activity. Running, leaping and climbing over obstacles, Zhang holds it as his fate pursuing the real value behind parkour.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by LI Bo


LI is Ergeng’s director as well as editor, who born in Kaifeng, Henan, in the year of 1989. When he was 22 he began to film documentary and then took the position of director and scripwriter for the project “The Beauty of Henan” in HNTV. He even participated in the documentary channel of CCTV as a director and made a series of works like “the Path of Guoling”, “Fashion Designs”,”Modern Dancers” and “The Worst Case”. In 2016, his work “The Worst Case” was awarded excellent documentary in the the 3rd San Francisco International Film Festival of New Concepts. After that he joined Ergeng and released lots of popular short films like “Leaping over Barricades” .

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