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Ovindoli Freestyle **Finalist**

Two Italian snowboarders and a skier in the middle of Italian country (Abruzzo), show us how the passion for freestyle and free ride can become the connection between two different disciplines.

Crucial for them is the love for nature and the mountain life. A life where humans can’t control every single aspect as they do in the city. They have to adapt themselves to the mountain climate and rhythm. What is supposed to be hard for regular people (a snowy day, cold weather and difficulty moving around) is a chance to challenge and connect with nature and life itself.

A railing, a sloped street, a rooftop covered with snow become an amusement park for these guys where they can express their joy and love for natural elements.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Giorgio Caridi

Born in Rome, Italy, Giorgio Caridi has spent his entire life making videos. After a few years at Rome’s La Sapienza University studying communications, Giorgio decided to leave academia to pursue film as a career.  As one of twenty-five chosen from a pool of 500, he participated in Lazio’s Visual Effects specialization course in 2004, from which he received certification as a specialist at the professional level. He worked in post production for several Italian companies—including Channel 5 Cable TV, Rai, Proxima s.r.l., and Seagullpost—before deciding to return to school at the New York Film Academy, where he spent 2007-2008 in the One-Year Filmmaking Program. After learning how to suite every role in a small budget production crew, he graduated with the thesis short movie “The Ocean’s Lover”.

Giorgio spent one year in NYC working as a post production supervisor until, in 2009, he moved to California where he worked for several independent production companies (BetweenTheLines – FunnyOrDie – TheCastingDirector) as executive producer and director. In 2010, he started a social experiment in Hollywood, called “The One Dollar Movie” which later became his first feature film production. Getting ready for his second feature film production in Los Angeles “How To Kill Your Mortgage Broker”, Giorgio now lives in Rome, Italy, where he founded a production company called “Polar*Factory.”

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