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Road to Nationals

This Little Video shows what someone with the right direction and mindset can do regardless of what happens to us, no matter what hardship we face we can still find passion and love for things on this planet…. and for me it is bicycle riding/racing.

I also show a little bit of the lovely place i call home, Tasmania, Australia and i really do hope a lot of people look at this video and wish to come here to see how awesome this place really is regardless of the size!

I was a very sick kid since the age of 3 months, so i spent a lot of time in hospital and having operations, i did not find my passion for bicycles until the age of 24 ( i have always ridden a bike as a kid but i would not say i was passionate about it).


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Patrick Best

I ride and race Road bicycles and Track bicycles, i did ride mountain bikes but with the heavy training load and working full time i could not fit it in so these days i just do them two unfortunately, however i would love to get back into it when i don’t race or compete as serious as i try to do now, Tassie is getting on the map for some really cool Trails now which is fantastic because we really do have a lot to offer.

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