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Chinese Color

A traditional paint designer of water painting, Qiu Qingnian, has spent his fifty-three years doing the work of searching natural paint materials, making paint for water painting and designing the art of paint. He strives[…]

Lóa Chlapp

A short documentary about Snorri Hólm an Icelandic student living in Norway, focusing on how he chooses to express himself through his art, our relationship with how we dress and our thoughts on what is[…]

The Young Kunqu Opera Performer

Jiang Ke, a pretty Chinese girl, stepped to her career on Kunqu Opera stage for the first time when she was 12. Now Jiang has been a professional opera performer with experience of more than[…]

The Surgeon of Jade

In the process of jade carving, some raw jade have been put into bin before beginning the work. However, XU Kai refuses to abandon those imperfect materials of jade, but revives them through creative designs,[…]

Steel; The Craft

“The Pleasure of making knives for a living is…making knives for a living”. Steve Rick has been making custom metal work in Cimarron, New Mexico for longer than some people have been alive.   About[…]

Handpainting of Hangzhou

This is a story about a father and his daughter hand-paintings Hangzhou.  They set up a public Wechat account named “ Hand-painting of Hangzhou”.  With Hangzhou Street Lanes, the painting tells a story behind it.[…]

Shaolin Monk Painter

Life is a process of self-refining, and Yanda Shifu, the monk master in Shaolin Temple, perceives writing & painting as one approach to the process. With full admiration for previous monk painters throughout thousands years[…]

Birdhouse Bill (and His Rainbow Rocks)

Meet Bill! The self-described nut who fills his retirement days by being a realtor. A bird realtor that is. Bill Larkin has built a collection of thousands of birdhouses and colorful rocks that fill his[…]

Hege’s Passion: The Norwegian National Costume

Hege has over 30 years of experience inside tailoring and clothing. Despite the wide range of activates performed by Hege, we chose to create a video about her skills surrounding the Norwegian national costume, also[…]

Magic Cobra Tattoo

The owner of a tattoo shop in the Williamsburg neighborhood tells us about the passion for his work and opens the doors of his shop in the heart of Brooklyn, New York.   About the[…]