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The Young Kunqu Opera Performer

Jiang Ke, a pretty Chinese girl, stepped to her career on Kunqu Opera stage for the first time when she was 12. Now Jiang has been a professional opera performer with experience of more than a decade on stage. Never tired of Kunqu, she is a legend of her contemporary.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by WANG Shen

Graduated from Huangshan University with a major in broadcast and TV directing, Wang Shen has obtained National Photographer Professional Qualification Certificate (Band-3) and joined the post production of two childern reality shows of Qinghai TV, “Mommy reinforcement” (《妈咪救兵》) and “Old Enough” (《第一次任务》). Now, Wang is working as a director at Ergeng Video Center, with the representative works as “Fat girls are sexy” (《胖模也性感》), “Nanshan Su noodles” (《南山索面》) and “City Lights” (《城市之光》).

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