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The Surgeon of Jade

In the process of jade carving, some raw jade have been put into bin before beginning the work. However, XU Kai refuses to abandon those imperfect materials of jade, but revives them through creative designs, just like a doctor serving for his patients. Thus XU is named as “the surgeon of jade”.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by ZHANG Tao

In college years, Zhang Tao had great interest in creating short dramma scripts, then he entered into the industry of film and television as a director and playwright. In 2016, Zhang joined Ergeng’s “More Suzhou” team, and shot dozens of short documentary films, such as “The centurial bathhouse” (《百年澡堂》), “Old thing” (《老东西》), “A one-year waiting” (《一年等一回》), “On the splendid opera costumes” (《锦绣戏衣、十指春风》), “The magic folding fan” (《秘扇》) and “The surgeon for jades” (《玉医》).

As a director, Zhang Tao has gained great recognition in Suzhou. He is good at adding the narrating style with his personal characteristics in films, through which he is capable to show the real psychological activities of filmed people. In terms of interpersonal communication, Zhang has a special and smart way of interviewing and is strong at digging out the deeper stories of filmed target people. Born in a literary family, Zhang is obessed with taking some contents such as humanity and folk beiraft as the theme and using his point of view and ordinary citizens’ stories to tell more about Suzhou City and China to make more people around the world notice the profound humanity, beautiful landscape and attractive folk custom and tradition through the platform of “More Suzhou”.

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张涛, 导演、编剧。大学期间因热衷于短剧本创作,随后进入影视行业,2016年进入二更更苏州团队,先后拍摄《百年澡堂》《老东西》《一年等一回》《锦绣戏衣、十指春风》《秘扇》《玉医》等数十部短纪录片。