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Hege’s Passion: The Norwegian National Costume

Hege has over 30 years of experience inside tailoring and clothing. Despite the wide range of activates performed by Hege, we chose to create a video about her skills surrounding the Norwegian national costume, also known as the “bunad”. She was born in Norway; however, Hege has lived in Canada for a great amount of time, gaining knowledge that would help her with what she is doing today.

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About the Filmmakers
Submitted by Filip Andersen and Øyvind Onshus Heidal

KNIPS consists of two young filmmakers by the name Filip Andersen and Øyvind Onshus Heidal. They have been making movies together for a long time, but has in the last year taken the step up, and decided to create content more professionally. Earlier works include a video in collaboration with Liberalistene, a Norwegian political party, revolving around the passion of the member Austin Rasmussen. They strive to continue making videos and films in the near future.