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Birdhouse Bill (and His Rainbow Rocks)

Meet Bill! The self-described nut who fills his retirement days by being a realtor. A bird realtor that is. Bill Larkin has built a collection of thousands of birdhouses and colorful rocks that fill his property and make everyone around him smile. People from around the world visit Bill in his dome home in Southern Indiana to catch a glimpse of the masterpiece. Everyone who stops by also receives a birdhouse of their own, free of charge. Fall in love with Bill and his colorful collection today and visit to see more pictures! Thank you!


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Aaron Winneroski and Landers Pannell

Aaron Winneroski and Landers Pannell both went to Asbury University and majored in Media Communications. They were roommates in college and loved telling unique and fun stories that got people smiling. From a documentary about domesticated hedgehogs, to showing how current day knights train for battle, Aaron and Landers have seen and experienced it all. One day, while Aaron was researching potential documentary ideas, he stumbled across Bill Larkin’s website and was instantly drawn in. Aaron co-directed and did animation on the project, while Landers was the editor. The film won audience favorite at Highbridge film festival in 2016 and recieved an honorable mention for a student production award from the Ohio Valley Chapter.

Filmmaker Website:

Aaron is also an author!  Check out his children’s book Becoming Wrangler: A Horse’s Journey.