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Lóa Chlapp

A short documentary about Snorri Hólm an Icelandic student living in Norway, focusing on how he chooses to express himself through his art, our relationship with how we dress and our thoughts on what is beautiful and purpose of art.

It is the first short documentary of hopefully many in a series of personal portraits of people and the stories they have to tell. We hope these portraits will serve not only as a teaching tool for people out there who are ignorant of the beautiful diversity of people in our world but show the rest of us how different and similar we can all be at the same time.

People and their stories are all around us. We hope these documentaries will serve as a platform for them to tell them. This documentary was not made with any specific audience in mind, it is not an infomercial for a group of people, rather it was made to let it speak for itself for anyone willing to listen.

About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Þorri Líndal Guðnason

Þorri Líndal Guðnason is an Icelandic filmmaker and amateur photographer who absolutely loves people of all varieties; their stories and identity are the main subjects of most of his films. He has been shooting since he was 16 when he got his first camera, and a year later he met a person that made him realize what he wanted to do with his camera, with his life. Graduating from junior college in social studies he wanted to continue studying something similar to that such as anthropology but felt that it couldn’t have the direct impact he wanted. He is currently studying for his bachelor degree in film studies at Plymouth College of Art.

He has worked on many different types of video genres for school and for his student company 96th Street Media such as live multi-cam events, music videos, commercials and short films. This is his first personal documentary project, in the future, he hopes to work in the field of documentary filmmaking, especially biographical or portrait type documentaries.

Documentary filmmaking is the field that he wants to work with in the future simply because: “Some people you just can’t make up, and should not make up. We have amazing stories all around us, and there is no need to fictionalize everything while at the same time trying to make our characters as human as possible since you already have exactly that right in front of you!”




  1. Very interesting and gives a sneak peak into another people’s live. Love the concept of documentary in a short film form but you still get the “full story ”
    I’d like to see more like these!