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After Claudetteia

After Claudetteia features former students and teachers of the Monroe City School system recounting the 2015 incident where Claudetteia Love, an openly queer student, made national headlines for challenging a discriminatory school policy that barred[…]

Never Too Late to Dream

A young man drops out of college due to resources challenge.  After some months of depression and stress, he finds a new passion and a new dream and pursues it.   About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]

The Heidelberg Project: 30 Years of Creativity

My story started in Detroit, a city disregarded by many today. I was inspired to do a documentary on the project by Tyree Guyton because of his commitment to be part of the solution. To[…]

A Never-ending Dream

According to his disability, Edgaras has the sport class of S11. This means that only athletes who have severe vision impairment or, in other words, are completely blind belong to this classification. Competing against other[…]

Morgan Mengle: An Extraordinary Life with CHD

Morgan has gone through many hardships from the day she was born. She has had multiple open heart surgeries and cardiac catheterizations for her congenital heart defect (CHD), as well as surgeries for her radial[…]

Please Plateau

I WOKE UP AT 5AM AND RAN 3 MILES EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK… it was the week of midterms. Most people think that reaching a plateau in their life is a bad thing but it’s[…]

Mr. Ability

Mr. Ability is a story about the resilience, purpose, determination, and above all the power of the mind. Simon Peter may be physically impaired as his hands are non functional but he has the mindset[…]

Acid Attack Survivors in India Find Strength and Peace

In this film A LIVE, filmmaker Harsh Vardhan Singh presents the stories of acid attack survivors in India, highlighting the crucial atrocities that women in the society undergo. The attackers are not just men with[…]

I Am A Winner

Whenever we hear the word disability the first thing which comes out of our mind are tears, pettiness, sorrow, regret but we never think when the person is not regretting for what he has but[…]


Laura is a friend of mine who has acted for me in a previous film. We stumbled across her story one day as we were discussing timings for a new project and her need to[…]