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Life Without Limits

A film exploring the widespread beliefs on Autism Spectrum Disorder guided by a diagnosed narrator in the hope of inspiring Autistic people that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything. My intent when[…]


Crystal McCloskey is a college student living on the Lakota Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. When she was very young, her father left her family, and her mother began raising her on her own. A[…]

90% Luck and a Lot of Work

This is about the life of Mihai Grunfeld. He was born in Romania in 1949. Trying to escape from communism and dreaming of a better life, he first escaped to Czechoslovakia at the age of[…]

The Serenity Project

This June, 15 women from across the state of Colorado were selected to model for The Serenity Project Fashion Show held at the Tivoli Turnhalle in Denver, Colorado. he Serenity Project was created by Miss[…]


Ascension is a Documentary on the strong impact of the auto-immune Disorder Lupus. Ren is a dancer and choreographer trained in Ballet, Jazz and many forms of dance. working with kids all around The City[…]

Deanne Locker – Military Grade

Deanne Locker is a Medical Careers instructor for several ROP high schools in Orange County and is also studying medicine to pursue her own career in the medical field. Attending Charles Drew University she hopes[…]

Road to Nationals

This Little Video shows what someone with the right direction and mindset can do regardless of what happens to us, no matter what hardship we face we can still find passion and love for things[…]

Immigration from India to the US: A Long Journey Home

In A Long Journey Home, Filmmaker Adam Wadhwani chronicles the story of his family’s immigration from India to the United States.  Kishin and Kate Wadhwani grew up in India in the 1930s and 1940s. Married[…]

If Women Want

Saitabat Village is a small village in the city of Bursa of Turkey. Saitabat, having a big tourism potential with its green environment and fresh air, was just a general Anatolian village until 2001. In[…]

The Primitive Fire

The Primitive Fire is a short documentary film that depicts a man and his love of ancient technology. Norman Cook shares his passion for nature and primitive skills. Norman has spent the last 15 years[…]