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Limits Is A Myth

This is the story about Luis Ramos, a teenager that overcame the use of drugs as they had taken away all the things he loved the most.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Brayan Mejicanos I[…]


Ethan is just your average 18-year old school student. He can write, play piano, speak Spanish, swim, skateboard, rock climb and ice-skate. He also happens to be legally blind. Chronicling his amazing achievements despite his[…]

Miles McCracken

Miles McCracken is an inspirational young man whose love of life and optimism shines through in everything he does. He goes out of his way each and every day to ensure that his friends and[…]

Veterans in Blue: Brian Shirley

In November of 2016, the Air Force Public Affairs Agency (AFPAA) launched Volume VII of “Veterans in Blue,” a portrait collection showcasing the men and women that have contributed to the legacy of the Air[…]

Crossing Borders

A 14-year-old girl who lives in Tijuana, Mexico crosses the border with the United States every single day to train tennis at a sports academy. Her dream is to become a tennis professional and with[…]

Sweeter Than You’d Think

Sweeter Than You’d Than Think is a story about the power of having a positive attitude amid difficult circumstances. Terry Roberts is a recovering cancer survivor living in Chicago, IL. His condition makes his prospects[…]


The story of Josie, who triumphed over poverty and is on her way up.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Christian Cashman Christian Cashman is a sophomore at Loyola University Chicago, majoring in Film and Anthropology. […]


Many people say I’m crazy. They say my words fly out of my mouth without hesitation and that my thoughts are constantly bouncing back and fourth at 100 miles per hour. They are correct. My[…]

One Magazine at a Time

Steven Riggs has always lived in poverty, and when he ended up in prison, he lost everything. Now Steven sells magazines for Streetwise, a nonprofit dedicated to helping impoverished people earn their own money.  […]


A documentary about the struggle and the joy of being an international actor in New York City.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Elena Grosso Elena was born and raised in Italy where she obtained[…]