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Laura is a friend of mine who has acted for me in a previous film. We stumbled across her story one day as we were discussing timings for a new project and her need to leave New Zealand. Once I knew how powerful it could be, we started talking more about her plans, her struggles with cancer and how she’d made the big decision to move to Sydney and start a business, once she’d beaten the disease.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Dave Munn

Dave has had a passion for being behind the camera from an early age, making often times imaginary family movies from behind a clasped hand eye viewer.

Having traveled extensively around Europe, Central America, Central Asia, South East Asia and Africa, Dave has developed a passion for bringing to light the sort of stories that drive people to search for themselves, escape the world or just want to celebrate.

Now he’s loving playing out his sometimes overly romantic view of the world in film, which is balanced against a different kind of creativity in the Ad industry.