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Can you find humor in cancer?

Rachel Shur had terminal cancer. She changed her life – survived – and started a nonprofit to help others who are afflicted with cancer, United Cancer Advocacy Action Network (UCAAN).   About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]

Chris Wilson: Prison Da Vinci

When denied freedom and everyday conveniences, people’s resourcefulness grows. Former San Quentin inmate Chris Wilson shows us how prison taught him to free his mind, and his talent while reevaluating past decisions. Prison Da Vinci[…]

Miracle Baby

Kayla Lara is a teen that goes through challenges everyday that some of us don’t have to go through. She was born premature, and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Over the course of her life,[…]

Dr. Stephanie Logan

Dr. Stephanie Logan lost her hearing at the age of 23 when she contracted spinal meningitis. Originally on track for a Doctorate in music, this devastating loss caused Stephanie to change her course to Psychology.[…]

Over and Out

A short experimental film visually depicting diary entries from when I was in a psychiatric ward after attempted suicide. The film attempts to depict what living with major depression was actually like.   About the[…]

How to Start Living a Happier Life (Self Love)

This film focuses on more than just one person, it reflects humanity. Filled with motivational and wise words, it strives to open the eyes of many. To guide those who struggle with finding self love[…]


Growing up in my small town in Andalucia I had a poster of New York on my bedroom wall. It was that cliched one of the guys sat in the sky, taking a break from[…]


If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be resilient. My life has been filled with trials and tribulations. Having to adapt to new school curriculums because of Hurricane Katrina and coping[…]

Trichotillomania and Corey

Corey, like thousands of others, has had to cope with having trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. Though he has had much difficulty in the past, learning to accept and push past his problems have given him[…]

Juvenile Arthritis: Go, Go, Go Graci!

Eleven-year-old Graci Diggs from Tipton, Mo., strives to find a cure for juvenile arthritis. When the disease locks her joints, not letting her get up from the bed, her family, friends and a hometown community[…]