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I Am A Winner

Whenever we hear the word disability the first thing which comes out of our mind are tears, pettiness, sorrow, regret but we never think when the person is not regretting for what he has but rather taking it in a positive asylum and also to come through with potentials of a person and the abilities for him to achieve more in his life. I Am A Winner is basically a story of a person named Santosh Shriyan who is diagnozed with a very rare kind if disease called spinal muscular atrophy and he has lived with it past 30 yrs. So the film just defined all the aspects and difficulties that he has gone through and the perspective of living his life and striving all the aspects and barriers to with the stereotypical mindset of people towards the word disability and making them believe in the terms of living the life and achieving the dreams by their own will. I Am A Winner not only gives a strong message towards disability but it also comes up with notations as to how would you deal with your problems by following a one single step policy by believing in your life, keeping hope in yourself & enjoy each and every moment of your dreams which you want to achieve coming up with just one liner in your mind when you see yourself in front of the mirror which is called life and say who I really am “I Am A Winner”.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Abhijeet Devadiga

Being an upcoming cutting edge,hi-tech & with a natural perspective of film making Abhijeet Devadiga, reserves significant source in providing production coordination support by all terms either it be natural way of narrating a script, to a optimistic way of cinematography, to a major support to the team to come up with the best film. The idea and the concept of showing the film turned out phenomenal success & helped him enter the platform to present his way of film making to convince the audience with live situations.