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Many people say I’m crazy. They say my words fly out of my mouth without hesitation and that my thoughts are constantly bouncing back and fourth at 100 miles per hour. They are correct. My name is Tika Cook and I have a creative mind. I started out in this industry as a model and actress. As I got older, I didn’t feel confident in myself, so I stopped. I decided to be “normal.” So, I went to college and earned a degree in something I knew wasn’t my passion. Then one day, I had a wise idea to create a short film. Of course, I had no idea what I was doing but sometimes you have to fake it. I did. I ended up writing my version of a script. Held auditions, selected a cast and crew. I used a variety of locations at my university. I coordinated the entire shoot schedule for the twenty individuals a part of the production. The crew was my mentor and I and the cast was mostly classmates. I become a director, producer, editor and scriptwriter in two weeks!

Of course, the film wasn’t perfect but it was my imperfect baby. From that experience I knew what I was made for. I knew I had the strength, the patience and the will to work in this industry. That day I found my passion!


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Martika Cook

In this film you’ll see a women who has overcome obstacles in her life. You’ll see her transition from who she was to the women she is now.

What was her reason? Her reason was God. He helped her find her outlet, her peace and a way to expression herself. She chose to detach herself from affliction in her past…she chose to dance!

This film defines the strength of a woman who has trusted in God

This film is important to me because a lot of women seem lost. They seem broken. The dancer in this film is actually my inspiration. I’ve known her and her story for years. I’ve watched her grow. I’ve watched her find her strength.

This road she decided to take was not at all easy. In my eyes some women are on the same path but get lost along the way. My friend didn’t. I believe telling her story will help other women find themselves, find peace and find God.

This is actually my first project to submit. Submitting has always been a dream of mine but I was terrified! I wasn’t terrified of getting rejected I was more so afraid of someone else viewing my work. It’s the thought of people watching but not understanding that brings fear to my soul!

Two months ago I took a huge risk and decided to quit my job working for the city. I felt in my spirit that I didn’t belong and it was time to focus on ME. It was time to focus on doing the things that makes me happy and brings purpose to my life. I am actually enrolled in community college for the Film program there. So far, I feel at home!

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