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Deanne Locker – Military Grade

Deanne Locker is a Medical Careers instructor for several ROP high schools in Orange County and is also studying medicine to pursue her own career in the medical field. Attending Charles Drew University she hopes to expand her medical knowledge and share what she learns with her students. Deanne came from humble beginnings and had to serve as a role model for her siblings younger siblings when her parents weren’t around. This fostered within her a sentiment of caring for others and putting her needs second to those around her. She also learned from a young age the power of perseverance and how finding the strength to endure is always beneficial. This attitude of persistence and altruism has led her through the every obstacle in her life including her time serving in the armed forces. Her time serving as a Sergeant allowed her to discover the value of comradery in an institution primarily male driven and built upon her already solid foundation of inner strength and pushing her own limits. After her time in the military Deanne returned to civilian life and seeked out communities she related to like her local Hispanic community and veterans in her area participating in fundraiser and other services to improving their quality of life. It seems like Deanne’s journey of caring will continue as she is now a mother and a wife and balances her work, with her family, and her passion for helping others. She herself attributes all of the success in her life to how she faces issues, with a high level of grit, a level head, and an open heart always at the ready. Deanne Locker embodies personal triumph as she has in every moment no matter the difficulty lent herself in assistance to anyone who needed it. We thank her for her service to our country and in shaping the youth in underprivileged areas.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Ashley Martinez

Ashley Martinez is a high school senior with a foundation in film production and medical careers she sees the subject Deanne Locker as a role model and decided her story was virtuous and was meant to be shared. Ashley has worked on several spots for her high school’s weekly televised broadcast Hawk Talk at El Dorado High School. She hopes to pursue a medical career someday but has found that film production has taught her the value of collaboration and compromise. She produced this spot with her boyfriend Caleb Garrett, a freshman film production student and freelance cinematographer at Saddleback College in Mission Viejo.

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