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Ascension is a Documentary on the strong impact of the auto-immune Disorder Lupus. Ren is a dancer and choreographer trained in Ballet, Jazz and many forms of dance. working with kids all around The City of San Antonio.The short film features the Fields and Services Director of the Lupus Foundation of America. His life stalled briefly in 2013 when he was diagnosed with the disorder, but decided to help raise awareness and fight the cruel mystery that is Lupus. Join the journey that effects 1.5 Million people in America.

Here is a Link to the full documentary Directed, Produced and Scored by Lorenzo Hall:


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Lorenzo Hall

Lorenzo “Ren” Hall is a Dancer, Musician and choreographer, classically trained in music as well as many forms of dance. He has been showcasing his talents all over the City of San Antonio for more than a decade. Ren knew he had a passion for the arts, from Piano lessons at 9y/o til now. In 2013 Ren was diagnosed with Lupus has been raising awareness ever since. He is also in his last year at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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