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Fly in the Field

Everyone has dream but some may abandon their dreams and lost themselves on the way of pursuing, due to stubborn or distraction. Flying in the field is the man’s dream when he was little, and[…]

A Bowl of Spicy Rice Soup

Shuigangkou is an old street in Haikou City, maintains this city’s memories and tastes, where Wu’s restaurant is located in. He prepares for making spicy rice soups from dawn, with the procedure of washing materials,[…]

Under Siege

Yang Liping, the world-famous dance artist, worked behind the scenes as a director for the first time. Yang staged the Chinese history of two thousand years ago, Competition between Chu and Han, and created the[…]

Chinese Color

A traditional paint designer of water painting, Qiu Qingnian, has spent his fifty-three years doing the work of searching natural paint materials, making paint for water painting and designing the art of paint. He strives[…]

8 Hours of “Yang Zongbao”

This little boy was selected to perform as a legendary Chinese commander Yang Zongbao on the new year parade. He’s suffered a lot for acquiring this role but when new year comes, everything seems to[…]

Cycling BMX

Huang Liya, a 17 year old girl, has been a professional BMX FREESTYLE bicyclist for one year. In her path of pursuing dream, Liya naver resign trying.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by WEI Shijie[…]

The Young Kunqu Opera Performer

Jiang Ke, a pretty Chinese girl, stepped to her career on Kunqu Opera stage for the first time when she was 12. Now Jiang has been a professional opera performer with experience of more than[…]

The Surgeon of Jade

In the process of jade carving, some raw jade have been put into bin before beginning the work. However, XU Kai refuses to abandon those imperfect materials of jade, but revives them through creative designs,[…]

The Original Aspiration of Pei

As Ieoh Ming Pei’s apprentice, Lin Bing designed an exhibition for Pei to memorize his life in Suzhou and his mental world in this ancient city.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by     Filmmaker’s[…]

Shaolin Monk Painter

Life is a process of self-refining, and Yanda Shifu, the monk master in Shaolin Temple, perceives writing & painting as one approach to the process. With full admiration for previous monk painters throughout thousands years[…]