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Under Siege

Yang Liping, the world-famous dance artist, worked behind the scenes as a director for the first time. Yang staged the Chinese history of two thousand years ago, Competition between Chu and Han, and created the experimental modern dance drama, Under Siege. The whole performance was full of potential crisis without any swords and guns. Ten thousand scissors were high overhead, and the stage was covered with blood-red feathers. The modern dance had a perfect combination with oriental classic elements. The performance referred to the cause of struggle and damage. From an outsider’s point of view, it can help people to think about and care of human nature. Yang is a woman with mystery, who is 57 years old but has a young look. Her mysterious personal life attracts much attention. This video focuses on Yang’s process of creation as a director, and the story in front of and behind stage.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by WANG Yaohui

Wang Yaohui, a 21-year-old male graduate from Hangzhou Dianzi University majoring in digital media technology, joined Ergeng as an intern director in September, 2015. The film “Under Siege” (《十面埋伏——杨丽萍》) by him was crowned as the best Ergeng annual micro short documentary film and entered the selecting of Tampere Film Festival. His work, “Center of thick fog” (《浓雾中心》), was nominated in Manhattan Short Film Festival. Back to his university years, Wang’s works had nominated in Beijing International Student Film Festival and helped him score the first prize of Zhejiang College Students’ Multimedia Design Works Contest.

During the study at university, Wang had won several honors, such as “Zhejiang provincial outstanding graduates”, “Top Ten student of the university” and “university-level outstanding student cadres”, and established that gained the titile of “Zhejiang Provincial excellent student association”. Wang also worked as a leader for an entrepreneurial team, which obtained the state-level approval of National Undergraduate Training Program for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

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