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A Bowl of Spicy Rice Soup

Shuigangkou is an old street in Haikou City, maintains this city’s memories and tastes, where Wu’s restaurant is located in. He prepares for making spicy rice soups from dawn, with the procedure of washing materials, boiling spicy and meat, rice, and making soups. When customers come in, he serve them with a bowl of steamy and tasty soup with rice. This is the typical cuisine in Haikou City.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by XIN Yiwen

XIN is a 23 years old girl, who graduated in the Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology. She used to interned in several television stations like HZTV, the Entertainment Channel of ZJTV and Zhejiang Satellite Station as the director. Now she has been involved into Ergeng and directed lots of short films with the team.

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自大一暑假开始,就在浙江卫视、杭州电视台 、浙江电视台影视娱乐频道等多个电视台担任实习编导,参与拍摄制作了《中国梦想秀》《厨星高照》《中国好司仪》《我们恋爱吧》《付琰奇葩说》等多档节目。