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Deanne Locker – Military Grade

Deanne Locker is a Medical Careers instructor for several ROP high schools in Orange County and is also studying medicine to pursue her own career in the medical field. Attending Charles Drew University she hopes[…]

Veterans in Blue: Brian Shirley

In November of 2016, the Air Force Public Affairs Agency (AFPAA) launched Volume VII of “Veterans in Blue,” a portrait collection showcasing the men and women that have contributed to the legacy of the Air[…]

Be a Follower

Be a Follower is a film about a young man and his push to your children and adults the same, to get out there a be a follower. Being a follower has always in my[…]

Roy Lin: The Math Tutor

This short documentary is about Roy Lin. He his a math tutor and student at Fairleigh Dickinson University and he also is serving in the military. His love of math and his passion for serving[…]

Hope After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is often seen as a hopeless disability. Scott Ennis shows why it isn’t. More on TBI: About the Filmmaker Submitted by Timothy Scott Ennis Having experienced creative success as a[…]

Saving Each Other

When war veteran Danny came home from Desert Storm, he had developed severe PTSD. For over a year, Danny lived in fear, unable to leave his house or sometimes even bedroom. But with the help[…]

Vietnam and My True Hero

I was ten when my brother David received a draft notice saying he was headed to a place called Vietnam.  I remember my mother crying…I remember the audio tapes he would send us and hearing[…]

AMA VETMotorsports: A Place Where You Belong

More than 2.8 Million Americans have served since 9/11. Among them, 6,840 perished fighting the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan. During that same time, 115,566 veterans gave up their lives to a different enemy…suicide.[…]