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Saving Each Other

When war veteran Danny came home from Desert Storm, he had developed severe PTSD. For over a year, Danny lived in fear, unable to leave his house or sometimes even bedroom. But with the help of Morgan’s Dogs in downtown Chicago, Danny began an alternative treatment for his disorder. He was given service dog Ezra, a sweetheart from a nearby high kill shelter. Similar to Danny, Ezra had been a trauma and abuse victim before becoming a service dog. Now the two provide each other with tremendous comfort and stability. With Ezra by his side, Danny now feels that he can go anywhere and interact with anyone. In return, Danny promises that Ezra never fears neglect or even death again. This is a glimpse into their unique story.

The organization that helped Danny and other is War Dogs:


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Gray Son

Gray Son is an award winning filmmaker who tells stories about people, both fictional and true. Along with documentary work, Son directs many narrative short films regarding identify, angst, and triumph. According to Son, life is a series of collages that can either bind together or fall apart however we so chose. It is the purpose of a filmmaker to take a piece of the collage and archive it into the depths of one’s true feelings- connect with others and they will connect with you.