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Be a Follower

Be a Follower is a film about a young man and his push to your children and adults the same, to get out there a be a follower. Being a follower has always in my mind been something you just don’t do. Be a leader, not a follower! This film explores the story of Will Moseley and his father, and how being a follower changed his life forever.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Will Moseley

I’ve been working in the Digital Media Industry for some time now, but how did I get started?

I would go skateboarding with my friends when I was younger and we always tried to one up each other with who could do the best trick. My friends were daredevils and always did the craziest stuff on a skateboard. So what did I do? I went home and grabbed my mother’s little DV camera that recorded to Hi-8 cassettes, and started recording my friends. The rest is history.

That year for Christmas I ended up getting that same exact camera from my parents. I went on to making my own movies.

When I’m not filming projects I’m usually found out and about looking for the next best vintage film camera or lens. I feel the more experience you get with all different kinds of cameras whether they be film or digital, the better understanding you have for this medium.

With that comes storytelling. It’s not easy. If it were, everyone would do it because everyone has a story to tell. With time, came my ability to tell a story. I look forward to hearing what story you have to tell and helping you get there every step of the way.