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How to Start Living a Happier Life (Self Love)

This film focuses on more than just one person, it reflects humanity. Filled with motivational and wise words, it strives to open the eyes of many. To guide those who struggle with finding self love[…]


A boy struggles with depression, and his only way to fight it is to get from Point A to Point B as fast as possible.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Michael Escobar Michael is[…]


If I had to describe myself in one word, it would be resilient. My life has been filled with trials and tribulations. Having to adapt to new school curriculums because of Hurricane Katrina and coping[…]

Trichotillomania and Corey

Corey, like thousands of others, has had to cope with having trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder. Though he has had much difficulty in the past, learning to accept and push past his problems have given him[…]

Saving Each Other

When war veteran Danny came home from Desert Storm, he had developed severe PTSD. For over a year, Danny lived in fear, unable to leave his house or sometimes even bedroom. But with the help[…]

Expectations of Failure

If you are a student/athlete, athlete, student, entrepreneur, work professional, parent, any type of artist or entertainer this is for you. Please Watch!!!!!   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Robert Washington Robert Washington is a[…]

Define Greatness

How does one define greatness?  This film is a short intro into my life journey. I am husband and father of five boys, 10 year US Navy veteran, retired professional athlete, and a survivor of[…]

Parkinson’s Self Healing: Together We Stand

This is my online support group “Parkinson’s Self Healing.”  A group of beautiful caring people who have been diagnosed with a devastating disease which slowly takes away your ability to move.  Our group is filled[…]