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How to Start Living a Happier Life (Self Love)

This film focuses on more than just one person, it reflects humanity. Filled with motivational and wise words, it strives to open the eyes of many. To guide those who struggle with finding self love and happiness, and open the eyes of mankind. The footage is filmed by a 20 year old college student who took a year to discover the world on a study abroad. She spent years struggling to find self love and happiness. One day she decided to leave home and discover it on her own. After a few months in time, she learned a few key elements to discovering true self love and happiness. In the film, she shares everything she learned from this experience, to open the eyes of others and to spread joy around the world.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Nicole Wood

Nicole Wood studies International Relations at the University of Cincinnati.  She currently lives in Madrid, Spain teaching English as a second language, going to an exchange university, taking sculpting lessons, and traveling around Europe. In her free time she likes to compose relaxation music and make short films.

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