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What are You Living For?

To dream is one thing, but to follow and pursue those dreams is another. Isn’t it funny how the older we get, the dreams we once made never seem to get any closer? We spent[…]

I Want to Boxeo

A man who grew up with a hard life finds something he loves to turn his life around.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Eric Brown Eric is a Boston based, self taught filmmaker who[…]

Please Plateau

I WOKE UP AT 5AM AND RAN 3 MILES EVERYDAY FOR A WEEK… it was the week of midterms. Most people think that reaching a plateau in their life is a bad thing but it’s[…]

Mr. Ability

Mr. Ability is a story about the resilience, purpose, determination, and above all the power of the mind. Simon Peter may be physically impaired as his hands are non functional but he has the mindset[…]

I Am A Winner

Whenever we hear the word disability the first thing which comes out of our mind are tears, pettiness, sorrow, regret but we never think when the person is not regretting for what he has but[…]

Can you find humor in cancer?

Rachel Shur had terminal cancer. She changed her life – survived – and started a nonprofit to help others who are afflicted with cancer, United Cancer Advocacy Action Network (UCAAN).   About the Filmmaker Submitted[…]

Chris Wilson: Prison Da Vinci

When denied freedom and everyday conveniences, people’s resourcefulness grows. Former San Quentin inmate Chris Wilson shows us how prison taught him to free his mind, and his talent while reevaluating past decisions. Prison Da Vinci[…]

Black Rat

BLACK RAT is a short documentary about Sydney’s own Real Life Superhero, The Black Rat, who prowls the streets of Newtown at night in his crusade against crime. I was captivated by the story of[…]

Over and Out

A short experimental film visually depicting diary entries from when I was in a psychiatric ward after attempted suicide. The film attempts to depict what living with major depression was actually like.   About the[…]