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Life Without Limits

A film exploring the widespread beliefs on Autism Spectrum Disorder guided by a diagnosed narrator in the hope of inspiring Autistic people that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything. My intent when[…]


Crystal McCloskey is a college student living on the Lakota Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota. When she was very young, her father left her family, and her mother began raising her on her own. A[…]


Ascension is a Documentary on the strong impact of the auto-immune Disorder Lupus. Ren is a dancer and choreographer trained in Ballet, Jazz and many forms of dance. working with kids all around The City[…]

Concussion Unlocks Woman’s Hidden Talent

I am a camera assistant in the Toronto Film industry and four years ago in 2014, I had my first concussion on set. As a result of my injury I discovered my inner artist and[…]


This story highlights Megan Hassa, a young woman who felt trapped in her life. With little to her name and no future plans she flew to paradise with hope for a change — which is[…]

Dream: Dhurba’s Sapana Village – Chitwan, Nepal

For many of us, dreams are about “getting” something; they’re selfish….For Dhurba, dreaming means giving. “My parents are farmers. I never finished school.” He came from a poor village in the jungles of Nepal and[…]

Cooking with Kindness: Food as a Tool of Empowerment

In the documentary profile, C.O.O. of D.C. Central Kitchen, Andy Finke, highlights the non-profit organization and the inspiring role he has played in it. He describes how his passion for the foodservice industry developed into[…]

Behind a Success Story

However, how do you feel when everything goes wrong when you tried your best to do what you love and show it to people, one reason of that is maybe you are afraid of judging[…]

The Colors Lady

Dana is a Polish-Swedish painter creating intuitive abstract art.  She tells her short story how the passion emerged in her and how does she feels while painting.  Beautiful, inspiring story for everyone who has an[…]

If Women Want

Saitabat Village is a small village in the city of Bursa of Turkey. Saitabat, having a big tourism potential with its green environment and fresh air, was just a general Anatolian village until 2001. In[…]