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Cooking with Kindness: Food as a Tool of Empowerment

In the documentary profile, C.O.O. of D.C. Central Kitchen, Andy Finke, highlights the non-profit organization and the inspiring role he has played in it. He describes how his passion for the foodservice industry developed into one for helping his community.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Elizabeth Plaza

Elizabeth is a third year Media and Communications student at the Catholic University of America in D.C. She focuses her study on film and film production. She hopes to see her work make a difference one day as she continues her studies in the fields of documentary and media for social justice.

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  1. Well done video on an inspiring program to assist the homeless and returning citizens to society. Shows what can be done to assist people who have a desire to become more productive participants in our country’s economy. Wish more light could be shed on this type of program to encourage others to adopt similar plans.