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Miracle Baby

Kayla Lara is a teen that goes through challenges everyday that some of us don’t have to go through. She was born premature, and was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Over the course of her life, Kayla has dealt with people staring or saying harsh words about her. She has also gone through years of bullying at school. But Kayla overcomes the bullying, along with her everyday struggles. Kayla brings joy to her friends, makes her family stronger, and continues to persevere through life… She is a miracle baby.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Angelique Pineda

Angelique Pineda is a teenage asian female filmmaker from Hawaii. Yes, she is not your typical cup of tea, but she is an aspiring director that lives to tell stories. She sparked an interest in making videos in the 6th grade, and has excelled since then. Angelique has been a host on PBS Hawaii’s show called, “Hiki No”. She won NCAC’s 2015 Youth Expression Film Contest with her piece, “Only If You Let”. That piece has gone on to also be screened in the All American High School Film Festival, as well as Hawaii International Film Festival. Also, on her free time, Angelique is the president for her school’s media club.