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My Heart

Miss Teacher’s heart is sick.  Her students want to give her a big heart as a present.   About the Filmmaker Submitted by Yaser Talebi Yaser Talebi was born in Sari, North of Iran, in[…]


A boy contemplates the difference between euthanizing his dying dog and euthanizing his dying grandmother. When Ioannes was told he needed to do a video project for school based on euthanasia, he decided to bring[…]

Hope After Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) is often seen as a hopeless disability. Scott Ennis shows why it isn’t. More on TBI: About the Filmmaker Submitted by Timothy Scott Ennis Having experienced creative success as a[…]

ALS: 4 Voices Unheard

The film that I’ve written is entitled 4 Voices Unheard.  It’s a heart-wrenching and inspirational story about ALS, all while enlightening the audience on more than just the Ice bucket challenge. What’s really behind it?[…]

Parkinson’s Self Healing: Together We Stand

This is my online support group “Parkinson’s Self Healing.”  A group of beautiful caring people who have been diagnosed with a devastating disease which slowly takes away your ability to move.  Our group is filled[…]

UncleSamPatriot: From Bed to Punch

Pekka “UncleSamPatriot” Luodeslampi a Finnish Christian online preacher and Youtube video maker has central nervous system developmental disorder which caused him to get so sick that he could stay out of the bed only 20[…]

The Inspirational Story of Ramu The Gardener

Ramu, a 36 year old man working as a local gardener in Aligarh Town City of India. Ramu is a hard working man who struggles daily for a living yet his dedication towards his occupation[…]