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UncleSamPatriot: From Bed to Punch

Pekka “UncleSamPatriot” Luodeslampi a Finnish Christian online preacher and Youtube video maker has central nervous system developmental disorder which caused him to get so sick that he could stay out of the bed only 20 minutes per time and then back to rest and then back up again, a practically bed patient.

But people were praying for him to Lord Jesus Christ, himself included and he started to recover, lessening of medication and hard training. Now he can stay all day up except one daily nap. Walk 20-40 thousand steps per day, sometimes even higher (In current condition the record is over 51 thousand…). Do Taichi Kung-Fu 16 minutes in a row, do stair climbs set of 20 and other home movements. And of course his favorite hobby, fitness boxing:

With devastating punching power, he can knock down 270 lbs/120 kg boxing dummy with single blow and hit 100 lbs/45 kg heavy bag so hard that punches sound like blasts going off.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Pekka Luodeslampi

Pekka “UncleSamPatriot” Luodeslampi is a 30 years old Youtube video maker from Finland.

He makes various kinds of videos, but specializes in comedy in order to reach people for salvation message of Lord Jesus Christ (Gospel). His biggest hit so far has been “Lakupiippu” video with 4.7 million views on his channel, plus countless views from other people’s copies and remixes.

Pekka is also a world record/sports enthusiastic and personally set the former Finnish record in pedometer walking with 1.56 million steps in 31 days, 6-8 hours per day or 50 thousand steps, in year 2010. He is a big fan of boxing (also Professional Wrestling) and practices fitness boxing among other exercises, trying to incorporate those themes as well in his videos.

He has a special interest in sports science and measuring human punching power and has worked with pro fighters/athletes with equipment and know how.

Pekka has been in the Hollywood documentary “Emic” punching the heavy bag and various other media/television/film productions in both Finland and overseas, like MTV) printed press, radio and so on, and more in store to come hopefully.

Disabled from a central nervous system developmental disorder and Tourette, Pekka has not let that stop him by grace of God…


Filmmaker’s website:


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  1. WOW! Praise Jesus and kudos to you for not giving up!
    Amazing story, God bless!