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The Inspirational Story of Ramu The Gardener

Ramu, a 36 year old man working as a local gardener in Aligarh Town City of India. Ramu is a hard working man who struggles daily for a living yet his dedication towards his occupation is admirable enough. Ramu has also contributed as an environmentalist. It is known that he has planted several trees over various parks, schools, colleges in town and also worked extensively in farms. Ramu believes that it’s important to preserve the environment hence more and more plants should be protected and taken care of. Ramu’s also planning to organize cultural movements with his friends in the bid to help the environment. He is currently battling health issues and we wish him a Speedy Recovery. He is certainly an Inspiration.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Varun Mehta

Varun Mehta is an Award Winning Independent Short and Animation Filmmaker From India. Born in Lucknow City, Varun began his journey with animated shorts that target social issues and raise awareness in society. Some of his award winning works in Short Films included, are – The Unknown World (Animated Short of Female Foeticide) The Wonder Stone (SciFi film on Environmental Issues and Children) The Art of Farming (Documentary – Life of Farmers) and Bitcoin(Visual Presentation) etc. Varun has also been felicitated for his work on ‘The Unknown World’ by the Indian Government for raising awareness towards the issue of ‘girl child killings’ in India. Varun has set up his own studio ‘Wiz Motion Studio’ located in Aligarh City of India.

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