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ALS: 4 Voices Unheard

The film that I’ve written is entitled 4 Voices Unheard.  It’s a heart-wrenching and inspirational story about ALS, all while enlightening the audience on more than just the Ice bucket challenge. What’s really behind it?

According to the ALS Care Database, 60% of the people with ALS are men, and 93% of the patients are Caucasian.  So you could only imagine the surprise of a close-knit black family when they lose their mother to the disease.  After the death of their mother the six siblings (5 girls and 1 boy), try to hold the family together and keep the traditions alive.  Witnessing the misfortune of her family first hand, Aleia, the daughter of the youngest sibling, tries to cope and be the backbone of the family.  Over 20 years, families and careers are made, secrets and memories are shared, tears are cried, but after some time the efforts become harder to put forth after it’s revealed that one sibling after another is becoming diagnosed with the disease.  Devastated but still hopeful, they lean on each other to face a rare disease to their race head on. While watching her family struggle to keep faith, it begins to take a toll on Aleia, but she is determined to stay strong for them and become the voice that they deserve to have.

This is a true story. This is a film that everyone can relate to.  It exemplifies the true meaning of family, and overcoming obstacles as one. Audiences will cry, laugh, and feel overjoyed after seeing the film.  And ultimately, ALS will finally get the true awareness and understanding that it deserves.

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Aleia Kristene Asbey

21 year old “Aleia Kristene” is a senior at Florida A&M University, majoring in Occupational Therapy   She was born in Jacksonville, Florida.  She first showed an interest in acting at a very young age.  Her mother then decided to to take the first step with placing Aleia in an acting camp one summer.  Shortly after, at the age of 9, Aleia begin to take narratives that she had written in school, and wrote them into scripts.  As well as acting and screenwriting, she displays a strong desire for directing. In any class setting where she is assigned to a presentation, she naturally wants to present it in the form of a skit.

She began writing the screenplay entitled 4 Voices Unheard in June of 2015, 6 months after losing yet another family member to the tragic disease of “ALS.” Aleia shares her experiences with seeing her family suffer because it is therapeutic for her to talk about it, as well as spread awareness.  Her passion is incomparable, genuine, and honest. Her resilience sets her apart.  At such a young age, Aleia has felt and endured, and it pours out in her art. God reminded her of what she was put on this Earth to do, by giving her a few angels along the way.

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