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This story highlights Megan Hassa, a young woman who felt trapped in her life. With little to her name and no future plans she flew to paradise with hope for a change — which is[…]

Road to Nationals

This Little Video shows what someone with the right direction and mindset can do regardless of what happens to us, no matter what hardship we face we can still find passion and love for things[…]


Ethan is just your average 18-year old school student. He can write, play piano, speak Spanish, swim, skateboard, rock climb and ice-skate. He also happens to be legally blind. Chronicling his amazing achievements despite his[…]

Sweeter Than You’d Think

Sweeter Than You’d Than Think is a story about the power of having a positive attitude amid difficult circumstances. Terry Roberts is a recovering cancer survivor living in Chicago, IL. His condition makes his prospects[…]

A Never-ending Dream

According to his disability, Edgaras has the sport class of S11. This means that only athletes who have severe vision impairment or, in other words, are completely blind belong to this classification. Competing against other[…]

Our Boarding School

Students at Cypress School in Petaluma, California have recently been introduced to a variety of board sports from surfing to skateboarding, and for youngsters like this it is a behavior-changing and empowering experience as they[…]

Morgan Mengle: An Extraordinary Life with CHD

Morgan has gone through many hardships from the day she was born. She has had multiple open heart surgeries and cardiac catheterizations for her congenital heart defect (CHD), as well as surgeries for her radial[…]

Mr. Ability

Mr. Ability is a story about the resilience, purpose, determination, and above all the power of the mind. Simon Peter may be physically impaired as his hands are non functional but he has the mindset[…]

The Truth About Huntington’s Disease

30,000 people in the United States have Huntington’s Disease. It is a degenerative brain disorder that affects one’s ability to walk ,to talk ,to move, to listen, to inevitably be apart of the human race.[…]


Laura is a friend of mine who has acted for me in a previous film. We stumbled across her story one day as we were discussing timings for a new project and her need to[…]