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Students at Cypress School in Petaluma, California have recently been introduced to a variety of board sports from surfing to skateboarding, and for youngsters like this it is a behavior-changing and empowering experience as they all have special needs and have never been given opportunities to try these activities before.

With the help of dedicated staff and enlightened visitors, the kids are now not only riding, but also building both functional and art decor skateboards as well, some of which ended up in a massive group art show in San Francisco.

Witness the power that boarding can have in changing the way people with special needs carry themselves and inspire those around them.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Steve Gatlin

Steve Gatlin is an accomplished filmmaker and producer with work spanning theatrical, television and mixed media platforms. His love for personal stories leads him down the documentary road most often, with each project differing from the last. His broad range of topics have taken him to numerous countries around the world, but he still never shies away from a good story right in his hometown in Northern California.

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  1. It’s fantastic! Such a creative and artistic way to provide a physical and artistic outlet.
    Thank you Cypress Staff!!!

  2. Love this great film about the amazing Cypress School and as the curator of DIS/PLAY, I really want to say thank you for your involvement in the exhibition of disability arts at SOMArts! You guys are so great to work with, so inventive and creative and your reach is very wide. Look forward to more!