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Raising the Future **Past Mission Winner**

Who will ensure that all of our children, including the abandoned babies and AIDS orphans are cared for?  When Ruth Grobler grappled with that question, the answer became clear. This is a short documentary about[…]

Life Without Limits

A film exploring the widespread beliefs on Autism Spectrum Disorder guided by a diagnosed narrator in the hope of inspiring Autistic people that if they believe in themselves they can achieve anything. My intent when[…]

Clean Paonta Green Paonta

‘Clean Paonta green Paonta’ is an initiative to keep this small industrial town pollution free. Started by a senior citizen Mr. Rajendra Tewari, the idea was to inject this thought in young minds. The uniqueness[…]

WIC: Women, Infants, Children

WIC stands for Women, Infants, and Children and is a supplemental nutrition program. There are 16 WIC grocery centers in Chicago that provide nutritious food for women, infants, and children in need. Access to healthy[…]

By the Books

Children in poverty are at a distinct disadvantage when it comes to their education. School supplies can be expensive and can quickly become a major cost that their family just can’t afford. This short video[…]