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Clean Paonta Green Paonta

‘Clean Paonta green Paonta’ is an initiative to keep this small industrial town pollution free. Started by a senior citizen Mr. Rajendra Tewari, the idea was to inject this thought in young minds. The uniqueness of this mission cleanup is that young children have taken the cause in their own hands. The town Paonta is situated at the banks on Yamuna River and it becomes all the more important to take care of the pollution of all kinds. Core group that included SDM H.S. Rana and Mr. Tewari himself, started to speak in schools. Soon the initiative became a mission and school children were motivated to monitor the waste management at their home. Today around 35000 children are part of it and they operate in groups and every group has a name. As an initiative, they visit shops and business establishments to inspect, inquire and motivate the respective shopkeepers to handle their waste carefully. They keep a record and also sees the cleanliness around the shops, give their feedback and submit it to the group. This whole program has a remarkable impact on the society. Their effort is bearing fruit and this door to door cleanliness drive is making the city cleaner and healthier. ‘Clean Paonta green Paonta’ no longer stayed a slogan. It has made inroads into the conscience of people at the grass root level. The holy city of Paonta sahib deserved this campaign because as they say ‘the love for God is the love to protect the environment’. Cleanliness is a spiritual experience as well.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Viveck Tewari

Viveck Tewari is a filmmaker based in Mumbai, India. After assisting few directors in India Viveck came to US to study filmmaking from New York Film Academy. After finishing his studies Viveck came back to India and was part of few more films and later joined a production house in Mumbai as its Chief Executive Officer. As a CEO Viveck worked in the capacity of Supervising Producer for Internationally acclaimed film “Parched” and Amitabh Bachchan Starer “Te3N”. In 2016 he opened his own start-up and produced and directed “Clean Paonta Green Paonta” a short film on a mission of cleanliness and saving the environment, started by his father. He also worked with Tribals of lower Himachal Pradesh and made a documentary on them. Viveck works from Mumbai and currently making documentaries and writing short films.

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