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Camphill Foundation: Celebrating 50 Years **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Camphill Foundation celebrating 50 years of growing Camphill communities worldwide.  The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment[…]

Raising the Future **Past Mission Winner**

Who will ensure that all of our children, including the abandoned babies and AIDS orphans are cared for?  When Ruth Grobler grappled with that question, the answer became clear. This is a short documentary about[…]

Age of Hope

Age of Hope is a short doc film about my trip with «Age of Hope» (NGO) to the Hungarian city of Zakany in October 2015. «I’m on my way to Croatia with a German terrorist[…]

America Heard: Refuge of Hope

Synopsis: Syracuse, New York is an unlikely home to over 10,000 former refugees now living in the U.S.. Two women at the forefront of this community reflect on what their presidential vote means to those[…]

The Disco Bunny

The United Kingdom has had a testing time in 2017. But however with all the darkness in the world the Disco Bunny travels up and down the UK to spread his message of positive energy[…]

Recovery Food NetWork

This short film is about the mission of Loyola University Chicago’s Food Recovery Network. They aim to recover food from campus wide events and donate the meals to local charity, A Just Harvest. In the[…]

Sweeter Than You’d Think

Sweeter Than You’d Than Think is a story about the power of having a positive attitude amid difficult circumstances. Terry Roberts is a recovering cancer survivor living in Chicago, IL. His condition makes his prospects[…]