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One Magazine at a Time

Steven Riggs has always lived in poverty, and when he ended up in prison, he lost everything. Now Steven sells magazines for Streetwise, a nonprofit dedicated to helping impoverished people earn their own money.  […]

I AM: The Transcender

‘I am the Transcender’ is a 2-minute film that features Nepali transgender human rights activist Bhumika Shrestha who speaks about her multifarious identities. Bhumika has been incarcerated by the police and detained at airports for[…]

After Claudetteia

After Claudetteia features former students and teachers of the Monroe City School system recounting the 2015 incident where Claudetteia Love, an openly queer student, made national headlines for challenging a discriminatory school policy that barred[…]

Acid Attack Survivors in India Find Strength and Peace

In this film A LIVE, filmmaker Harsh Vardhan Singh presents the stories of acid attack survivors in India, highlighting the crucial atrocities that women in the society undergo. The attackers are not just men with[…]

What Do You See?

Handwritten by a care home patient, a poem was found by nurses shortly after her passing. Articulating the realities of growing old, What Do You See? expresses how she perceived her surroundings an in turn[…]

We Love Humanity

The main motive of this video is to spread the love of humanity. “All religion in the world teach us to respect each other.” Here, Three innovative students from Jahangirabad Institute of Technology , UP-India;[…]

Adivasi: Uprooted

Suresh Pungati is a highly skilled Adivasi (tribal) craftsman from the Madia tribe. The film depicts his journey from his roots to the urban setting of Panchgani, India following his own dream and in a[…]

Once Upon A Time In Cambodia

Storytelling is ubiquitous. However, its power to control, influence, and heal often go unnoticed. This power was incredibly apparent in the nation of Cambodia, both during and after the infamous Killing Fields. The Khmer Rouge,[…]