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The Disco Bunny

The United Kingdom has had a testing time in 2017. But however with all the darkness in the world the Disco Bunny travels up and down the UK to spread his message of positive energy whilst giving out free smiles.

The Disco Bunny’s mission is to unite all people, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, orientation, physical or mental ability. He has an unbelievable amount of energy and enthusiasm to achieve this goal which makes him so inspiring to myself.

The Disco Bunny also wants to ignite a revolution within yourself in order to open your heart to love and grasp control of your own life.

I met the Disco Bunny a couple of days after the Manchester terror attacks. This event which had shockwaves throughout the country made us all feel bleak and divided as a nation. When seeing the Disco Bunny dancing in my local town centre dancing and making people smile after these horrific acts of violence have been filling our news channels, it showed me that positivity whatever form it might come in is strongest and most important during hard times like these.

I believe that we need more people like the Disco Bunny. Someone to remind us that even in the darkest hours of life, there are people who through and through are good people and dedicate their lives just by making passers by in the street happy.

The most important message which I got from the Disco Bunny is that you have to live your life with passion in order to fulfil your potential. These words are what I believe to be the key to achieving the world which the Disco Bunny wants to create and if more and more people heard his message then maybe we will be more united and have a bright future.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Alex Shand 

Alex Shand is a Writer, Editor and Director from the south west of England. He attended university at Gloucestershire and Bristol, studying in Film and Television.

He is mostly interested in documentary filmmaking focusing on finding the different and the wonderful in the world. One of his recent credits is as an editor of the special features on the feature ‘Respectable: The Mary Millington Story’.

He also worked as an editor on ‘Sunday ’94’, an experimental narrative film made with Random Acts.

He is currently researching for various new short documentaries and working on an art project called, ‘This is your Future’.