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Age of Hope

Age of Hope is a short doc film about my trip with «Age of Hope» (NGO) to the Hungarian city of Zakany in October 2015.

«I’m on my way to Croatia with a German terrorist and a princess from Liechtenstein. I wonder if we’ll get past the border control»

Today we’re on the way to a city close to the Croatian border. Marcus, a full-bearded German photographer/ videographer who wants to distribute the money he raised back home, comes along, too. The forth member of our team is András: a rescue worker and Akos’ old schoolmate who follows us in his own car that has the word «Rescue» in giant letters spelt on it. He wears a bright orange rescue jumpsuit and a hat. Through his glasses, big brown eyes peer curiously and good-naturedly at the world. The way he’s dressed reminds me of an astronaut, having mistakenly landed on earth after a long time in space. We’ve crossed the Croatian border only yesterday in order to bring some of the donations to a refugee camp in the northern part of the country. «I’m on my way to Croatia with a German terrorist and a princess from Liechtenstein. I wonder if we’ll get past the border control,» Akos remarks with a smile. As a matter of fact, the border guards had to google whether Liechtenstein was really an existing country. But what they checked most thoroughly was Akos’ ID. The tear running through the middle of the plastic card doesn’t inspire all too much confidence.

While our luggage gets checked by the custom officers, we observe soldiers in action across the street. They’re continuing the construction of the border fence between Hungary and Croatia. It’s been a month since the border crossing to Serbia has been closed off. After this closure, thousands of refugees took the long way through Croatia, crossing then into Slovenia or Hungary in order to travel west. When they arrive at the Serbian border they take the train to Botovo: That’s where their train journey ends. By foot, they pass through the last gap in the fence – but Hungary is not their destination, it’s only a stopover. After a few kilometres on foot, they board yet another train in the Hungarian city of Zákány: the arduous journey continues towards Austria. In Zákány, the train stops for a few minutes. In this short time frame, volunteers hand food parcels through the train windows. That’s where we’re headed

Video by: Marcus Grysczok
Text by: Sara Bagladi
Music by: Gats

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About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Marcus Grysczok

Independent Filmaker and Stop Motion Animator
Erfurt Germany
Born in 1982

My visual products are an organic mixture of chaos and organization, chances and skills, high standard of sustainable work and a lot of creative freedom. I´m a VisualAcivist. My camera is my weapon. My life is my way.

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