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The Handmade Stylist **Finalist**

A short documentary about Anna Maria Reviglio, a creative stylist with a delightful taste for vintage, who creates her dresses by herself through the project Les Poisson a Pois. In this mini doc she describes[…]

One Day With a Tattoo Artist **Past Passion Runner-up**

This is a short documentary about the Italian tattoo artist Simona Ercole, a dedicated and creative person who really loves what she does.  This is a personal project which gave me the chance to measure[…]

The Shop-Window Artist **Past Passion Runner-up**

The shop-window artist portrays Martin, an art historian who owns an antiques shop. The film is about a lifetime dream that lived differently than thought. Actually, Martin wanted to study art but he was always[…]

Camphill Foundation: Celebrating 50 Years **Past Triumph Runner-up**

Camphill Foundation celebrating 50 years of growing Camphill communities worldwide.  The Camphill movement is an initiative for social change dedicated to creating intentional communities where the values of service, sharing, spiritual nourishment, and a commitment[…]

Alfredo Arreguin

A prominent Latino painters in the Pacific Northwest, Alfredo Arreguin, talks about how he ties his heritage in his artwork and the importance of altruism. Ever since he has established himself as an artist he[…]

The Beauty of the Yangtze River

With five years of painstaking work and traveling around mountains and rivers, the over-60-year-old man spared no effort to draw this 6.7-meter-long and 4.7-meter-high “Beauty of the Yangtze River”. The ink-wash painting presents the surging[…]

The Craftman of Beijing

When you are planning your first travel by yourself when you grow up, open a map and search for the destination, how many people will stop at the place of latitude 39, east longitude 115,[…]

Mellisa the Quilter

From an early age Mellisa developed an exceptional eye for shape, color and design. She grew up watching and listening to her mother’s weekly quilting group as they gathered around a quilting frame and talked[…]