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The Craftman of Beijing

When you are planning your first travel by yourself when you grow up, open a map and search for the destination, how many people will stop at the place of latitude 39, east longitude 115, for a while? This is a place not only have Tiananmen, the Imperial Palace, the Great Wall, and the traditional alleys, and some exquisite stuff in this imperial city. The Lord Rabbit of Old Beijing is an existence like this. The Lord Rabbit culture is a kind of preservation, also a kind of change. The preservation and the changes is carried out together with the skills of the old Beijing craftsman which passed on to today, the wonderful story and slight feelings it contained, will become the history and convey the culture spirits of this city as the time goes on. Nowadays, with the consumer groups become much younger, less and less people know the history of traditional Beijing’s things and folk knowledge, the Lord rabbit is away a from modern people’s life day by day.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by WANG Qing



Wang Qing, female, born in 1989 in Shaanxi. She graduated from Xi’an University of Finance And Economics,majoring in journalism . She is now a freelance director. Her films are calm and delicate, featuring a plain and introverted style.

Major work (feature-length documentary): The Story of the Preserved Fruit

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