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Mellisa the Quilter

From an early age Mellisa developed an exceptional eye for shape, color and design. She grew up watching and listening to her mother’s weekly quilting group as they gathered around a quilting frame and talked and sewed for hours.

Quilting is nostalgic for Mellisa. When she sews, she thinks of conversations her mother and friends had. She remembers laying under an outstretched quilt watching patterns and designs get pieced together.

Mellisa finds tranquility in the repetition of cutting, pinning, and sewing. Once a quilt is completed, she is left with a useful masterpiece. Upon entering her room, quilts cover her bed, drape over chairs and stack in piles beside her sewing machine. To say she loves quilting is an understatement.

This short video showcases Mellisa’s art, her memories from childhood and her spunky personality.


About the Filmmaker
Submitted by Jessica Markowitz

Jessica Markowitz is an adventure photographer and filmmaker. She divides her time between guiding sea kayaking expeditions in Southeast Alaska and freelance film work in Denver, Colorado. Her previous work focuses on environmental awareness and lifestyle narratives. Her newest series, “People Who Love What They Do,” was inspired by her interest in storytelling and documentary filmmaking.

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